Idrætsinstitutionen Bavnehøj

English language group

English language group


English-language groups for expats


As of 1 June 2017, Idrætsinstitutionen Bavnehøj, will have room for 19- 24 children between the age of 2 and 6 in an English-language group. Some of these children will either have English as their native language, whereas others will be learning the English language. But, typically, they will all continue to a school in which English will be the primary language – be this a school in Denmark or abroad. The English-language skills of the pedagogical staff, attached to this group, are fine, and the staff consider it important that, as parents, you feel involved and well-informed.

The daily activities and pedagogical frameworks pertaining to this group will be similar to those of the rest of the child-care offer – i.e. taking their points of departure in the applied pedagogical principles, values and traditions.

The English-language group will be close to the other groups of the child-care offer, as it will be housed in renovated rooms. The child-care offer has achieved certification as a physical education offer. This means that the pedagogical work is based on a strategy in which the learning and development of fundamental social rules take place through physical activities while, at the same time, focusing on the child’s resourcefulness, diet and health.

In addition to the physical-pedagogical aspect, Bavnehøj is also focused on inclusion and on facilitating a sense of community as well as on the development of personal competences, comprising language skills.

Who can apply?

The groups are intended for children in the age group between 2 and 6 who are children of expats who expect to leave Denmark after a period of years. Both parents must be of non-Danish nationality, their municipality of residence must be Copenhagen, and at least one of the parents must be employed in Denmark.

How to apply?

The parents must print out and fill in this application form and send by mail (no email) this to pladsanvisningen (the Placement service). Documentation for parents’ officially registered address must be attached together with interim employment contracts. EU citizens must further attach a copy of their passport. Non-EU citizens must provide proof of work and residence permits.